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Preventing Flat Tires In Your Commercial Trucks

Here is how you can keep flat tires from happening to your commercial trucks.

If you’re a commercial truck driver, you do a lot of driving every day, and that means your truck tires get plenty of use. An obvious concern that comes with extended tire use is the possibility of them becoming flat one day. While this problem is ultimately inevitable, as no tires last forever, there are ways to extend the lifespan of your current tires so you don’t have to replace them as early. Here is how you can keep flat tires from happening to your commercial trucks.

Make Sure Your Tires are Filled

Sufficient air pressure contributes greatly towards preventing flat tires in your truck. It’s important that you keep your tires’ air pressures at optimal levels. If the tires get underinflated, it causes too much of their surface to come in contact with the road. As a result, the rubber heats up, which accelerates the pace at which your tires get worn down. Overinflating your tires, on the other hand, will make them more susceptible to damage from obstacles, such as potholes or debris.

Consider Using Tire Sealants

If your tires ever get tiny punctures in them, you can patch them up with a tire sealant to prevent air from leaking out of them. This makes it less likely for you to experience a tire blowout, while also increasing your fuel efficiency.

Don’t Overload Your Truck

Flat tires can also be caused by trucks that are bearing exceptionally heavy loads. Excess weight on your truck will put extra pressure on your tires, which will cause them to flatten more quickly. Consider what weight restrictions are recommended for your truck before you head onto the road.

Perform Tire Maintenance

Flat tires can be delayed with regular tire maintenance. Sometimes, you’re able to retread them in order to get a little more life from them before you replace them. Even so, you should rotate your tires every 5,000-7,000 miles.

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