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Archive for September, 2018

Your First Year as a Truck Driver: What to Expect

Friday, September 21st, 2018

Your first year as a truck driver will require a lot of adjusting, but can be very rewarding in the long run!

A truck driving career is like no other career you will have. It allows you the opportunity to make good money while traveling the world simultaneously. It is a very rewarding career choice, but just like any other career, it isn’t always easy. Here is what to expect during your first year as a truck driver. (more…)

The Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs: Part 2

Friday, September 14th, 2018

If you want to drive in teams or don’t want to work overnight, there are truck driving jobs for you as well!

In the first part of this blog, we discussed the most common types of truck driving jobs available: Company, Lease Purchase, and Owner Operator. This next part will go into the more unconventional options for truck driving jobs. Here are the second set of truck driving jobs to give you further insight on the options that you have.  (more…)

The Different Types of Truck Driving Jobs: Part 1

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Find out about the types of truck driving jobs so that you know where to being your trucking career!

When you enter the truck driving industry, it is important to know what types of trucking jobs are available. People may think that there is only one option when it comes to truck driving, but there are actually several based on how independent you want to be, your schedule, etc. Here are some of the different types of truck driving jobs.  (more…)

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