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Archive for April, 2022

Summer Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Friday, April 29th, 2022

Remember these essential summer safety tips for truck drivers when on the roads this season.

During the summer, when days are longer, it can feel like you have all the hours you need on the road. It may be a long haul, but there’s definitely enough daylight to get it done. But just because there are more hours of daylight, doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of dangers. Trucking professionals have a lot of things to focus on to keep everyone safe, from the safety of your rig to your focus on the road. This is especially true since summer also means more private vehicles clogging up the roads. Regardless of the time of year, safety has to be a priority for truckers. Read on for some important summer safety tips for truck drivers. And stay safe out there! (more…)

How to Talk CB Lingo Like a Trucker

Friday, April 22nd, 2022

Learn the origins and function of CB lingo among truckers.

We’ve all heard it in many movies over the years: “Break 1-9 for a radio check”, “I’m heading to the chicken coup”, “catch you on the flip flop” and more. Is this made up for Hollywood? Actually, for the most part, no. Truckers have and make good use of CB radio to relay information and stay connected during the long solo hours on the road. As with any culture, a private lingo has arisen that can sound like a mystery to an outsider. What’s a chicken coup? Or a bear? Or a yard stick? Read on for a brief course in talking like a trucker. (more…)

7 Truck Driving Safety Tips Every Professional Driver Should Follow

Friday, April 15th, 2022

These essential truck driving safety tips can help you, your truck, and your cargo stay safe.

Trucking is at the heart of almost every business and industry in this country. For the most part, when goods move, they move at least in part on trucks. This means that day and night, all year long, truckers are out there on the road making it happen. Through all of this, safety has to be a top priority. Read on for seven important safety tips that every trucker should know and follow. (more…)

Your Summer Diesel Engine Checklist

Friday, April 8th, 2022

Remember your summer diesel engine checklist to ensure safe driving this season.

At a certain point, the summer will finally be here and your diesel truck will require a certain level of care and maintenance. In fact, during the hot, summer months, a truck driver will need a general checklist to make sure that their diesel engine is in proper working order before heading out on the road. The reality is, a diesel engine doesn’t tend to favor the brutal heat that comes during the summer season. Ultimately, there are some key aspects of your diesel engine that you’ll definitely want to take into account before you embark on a trip in your truck. Here is a helpful checklist to make sure you have a diesel engine that can withstand the summer heat effectively and efficiently. (more…)

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