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Signs of Engine Failure You Need to Acknowledge

Here are signs of engine failure that you should acknowledge whenever you’re on the road.

The thought of an engine failure can be terrifying, as the engine is a highly vital component of your truck. Fortunately, prior to the failure happening, you’ll often be presented with a few warning signs. This way, you can take measures to deal with the issue before it gets out of hand. Here are signs of engine failure that you should acknowledge whenever you’re on the road.

Look at Your Engine Light

The engine light can indicate many things, but one thing’s for certain: your engine needs to be checked. Sometimes, the issue can be as simple as having a fuel cap come loose. In other scenarios, the problem can be much more severe. Either way, checking the light when it comes on will always be important.

You See Smoke From Exhaust

Have you seen smoke coming out of your truck when you use it? This can be another sign of engine failure. If the smoke is black, it could mean that your truck is burning through too much fuel at a time. If you see blue smoke, that likely means that the oil is being burnt. Sometimes, you’ll see white smoke, and that can indicate that coolant is getting leaked into your truck’s cylinders, but white smoke could also just signal a cold start. Either way, it’s best to inspect your truck, just in case you have a more severe issue.

Your Truck Engine Overheats Frequently

Another possibility of engine failure could be when your engine overheats. There are many problems that could occur if you run an overheated truck engine. As an example, you could get a warped cylinder. This causes coolant to start leaking, which can result in the white exhaust smoke we had mentioned prior. Whenever your engine overheats, take the time to get your truck inspected.

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