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How Tire Pressure is Affected by the Weather

Today, we’ll be going over how the weather affects your vehicle’s tire pressure.

Tire pressure is important to monitor, no matter what kind of vehicle you have. Did you know that tire pressure can be impacted by the weather and temperature outside? If you don’t take the time to look at the pressure of your tires, it could pose a problem for your vehicle. That’s why, today, we’ll be going over how the weather affects your vehicle’s tire pressure.

What Happens Under High Temperatures?

The higher the temperature is outside, the higher your tire pressure typically is. This is because heat causes the air in your tires to expand, not to mention the added heat that comes from tire friction while driving. This can be a concern because, if your tires expand too much, it can result in a tire blowout on the road, which can put drivers in serious danger.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your tires are overinflated, here are some signs that this could be the case.

  • Your treads are not wearing down evenly.
  • Your TPMS notification pops up between 15 and 20 minutes of driving.

What Happens Under Low Temperatures?

With high temperatures causing overinflation in your tires, it makes sense that low temperatures cause underinflating. In other words, it’s more likely to experience flat tires when you’re driving under cold weather conditions. While the friction your tires get from driving on the road can help, it’s sometimes not enough to compensate for the frigid temperatures you may experience. Just like with overinflated tires, there are signs that will tell you that your tires are flat. Here are two signs that will tell you that your tires are underinflated:

  • Your tires are visibly flat.
  • Your TPMS light is on at the start of your trip, and it doesn’t turn off.

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