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Why Tire Pressure Needs to Be Monitored

There are serious repercussions that can follow if you don’t check on your tire pressure regularly.

If you’re a truck driver, there are many aspects of vehicle care that need to be done to ensure your truck is running smoothly. One area of concern is your tire pressure. This part of truck maintenance can get overlooked, but there are serious repercussions that can follow if you don’t check on your tire pressure regularly.


While the more obvious concern with tires is having them get flat, there is such a thing as overinflation. As the term suggests, overinflation of your tires means that there’s too much air inside of them. This results in your tires getting more rigid, and they typically don’t get worn down at the same rate, which can lead to some pretty rough rides down the road. When tires are overinflated, you also have to be more concerned about damage from road obstacles, such as potholes.


Underinflated tires have their fair share of issues as well. In contrast to how overinflated tires have too much air, underinflated tires have insufficient amounts of air in them. Without enough air, tires will be unable to maintain their shape, and a larger percentage of the tire will make contact with the road at a time. This can cause your tires to get worn down too quickly. You can also see a decrease in fuel efficiency when your tires don’t have enough air in them.

How Often to Check Your Tire Pressure

The frequency at which you should check tire pressure can vary. Generally, a monthly checkup is advised, but you might want to check more frequently during especially hot and cold times of the year. Extreme temperatures can affect the air pressure in your tires significantly, to the point that more frequent checkups would be recommended to be sure your tires are in optimal condition.

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