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Tips for Remaining Calm While Driving

Truck driving can get very stressful when you are on the road for hours at a time!

Driving can be a stressful process, especially when you are stuck in a lot of traffic. This is true for all drivers, but truck drivers are on the road for hours at at time with no breaks and are also driving huge vehicles. This can really start to take a toll on a person’s mood as well as their patience. Here are a few tips for remaining calm while driving. 

Preparation is Key

Preparing for a long road trip is key for remaining calm on the road. If you are a truck driver and only got a couple hours of sleep before a fifteen hour drive, you aren’t on a good track to have a pleasant trip. Be sure to get a full eight hours of sleep or more before you get on the road. Not only is driving while tired dangerous, but it also makes for a shorter patience level. Take the time to carry out your full morning routine before getting inside of the vehicle rather than trying to multitask while on the road.

Set the Example

Remaining calm can be hard when nobody else on the road seems to be following the rules, but you want to try your best to do so anyway. If someone cuts you off, give them the benefit of the doubt rather than speeding up to try and cut them off in return. Follow the rules of the road regardless of what anyone else is doing. Avoid tailgating, pay attention to yielding, use turn signals, and share the road. Allow aggressive drivers to pass you so that they are out of your way while you are driving. In short, do not respond to aggression with aggression.

Calming Music

Studies show that certain types of music can help to decrease stress. Create a calm, relaxing playlist for the long road trip ahead. This soothing music can really help to keep you calm and can also help increase your focus. Loud, angry music is not the way to go for a long road trip because it can be distracting and increase aggression.  Keep the music volume to a low or medium level rather than blasting it. If music isn’t your thing, try playing an audio book in the background.

Refreshing Scents

There are actually certain scents that are known to both calm people down and help them to focus. You can use lotions, oils, or air fresheners to spread these smells throughout your vehicle. Lavender helps to reduce stress and anxiety while strengthening focus. Vanilla promotes calm and feelings of happiness. Citrus smells help to boost your alertness while also inducing positive feelings. Fresh grass, cinnamon, and peppermint are also great calming scents.

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