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Stress Management Tactics for Truckers

Here are some tricks that you can try today to help manage your stress levels.

Like any job, truck driving can bring a lot of stress. Whether you are running behind schedule, dealing with reckless drivers on the highway, or simply trying to endure the last couple hours of a long haul, you probably build up a lot of tension over time. It’s important for truckers especially to maintain a healthy, balanced, lifestyle and handling stress is part of it. Here are some tricks that you can try today to help manage your stress levels.

Get Plenty of Rest

Everybody has experienced the feeling of being burned out; it happens when you are trying to keep working through exhaustion. That is incredibly unhealthy for your body, as well as your mental health. When you aren’t fully rested, it’s much easier to get stressed out and irritable. The best way to avoid this is by getting as much rest as you can. Always try to get a full night’s sleep before a big job, and it’s okay to schedule rest breaks when you need them on the road. You can always avoid stressful situations, but being rested and refreshed will give you the energy to get through work stress instead of it overwhelming you.

Diet and Exercise

Pretty much the first step to take in getting healthier, in general, is to start with a healthy diet and the right amount of exercise. But these simple things can help a lot with managing stress too. Caffeine and sugar are both stimulants that can agitate the body. Sugary energy drinks and coffee might get you going at first, but the high always ends with a crash that makes you feel worse in the end. On the other hand, eating healthy can make you feel more energized, especially when you cut down on heavy fast foods that tend to make people feel sluggish. Likewise, exercise is a great stress reliever; it helps your brain release the feel-good chemical, dopamine, and you won’t feel as restless and cramped on a long drive if you take breaks to exercise.

Limit Screen Time

A big source of stress in modern life is the constant flow of information coming from smartphones, computers, and TV. Imagine how much clearer and calmer your mind would be if you went off social media when you are on the road. You won’t have the latest rant from a friend who disagrees with your political views stuck in your head, or fifteen different recipes to try when you get home. Technology is great for a lot of things, and it makes life easy. But too much of a good thing can overwhelm your brain, so it’s good to take a break now and then. 

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