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How to Combat Distracted Driving

Here are some ways to keep yourself from falling into the trap of distracted driving.

One of the most common causes of accidents on the road for both truckers and car drivers is still distracted driving. Even though there is a lot of awareness about the dangers of texting while driving, you will still find people behind the wheel using their phones. It’s understandable how tempting it is to check your phone for just a second, or you might have something else going on that takes your attention from the road. Here are some ways to keep yourself from falling into the trap of distracted driving.

Put Distractions Away

It might be obvious to say that the key to stopping distracted driving is to pay attention to the road. But there are two different sides to keeping your attention on driving. First is to make sure that you are thinking about driving, in the sense that you are keeping track of where you need to go and what other vehicles are doing around you. Second, and most importantly, you should get rid of any distractions. Put your cellphone out of reach while you are driving, make sure you set the radio to your favorite station before you set off, and take care of anything else that you know will take your attention. 

Pull Over

The fact is that in many states it is illegal now to hold or look at your cellphone while you are driving. But even if you have a hands free Bluetooth device connected to your cellphone, there can be times when you will pay more attention to your phone call than the road without realizing. For long hours of driving, it can be hard to cut yourself off from entertainment completely. The solution is to give yourself the opportunity to take a break. It is better to spend a few minutes every couple of hours to catch up on phone calls and stretch your legs than it is to try to save time without a break.

Get Some Rest

Another cause of distracted driving accidents is often a lack of sleep. Especially for truckers who spend long, exhausting stretches of driving without the chance for sleep, this can be hazardous. If you can, it’s best to get a full night’s sleep beforehand so that you will be completely rested for the road. And on top of that, it’s good to be aware of when you might be getting tired so that you can pull over and take a rest. When you are well-rested and free of distractions, then it is easy to avoid distracted driving.

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