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The Average Day of A Truck Driver

Truck Driver

What’s a day in the life of a trucker typically look like? We’ve got a breakdown.

Life as a truck driver isn’t for everyone, but for some, it’s the perfect chance to have a career where you’re mostly your own boss. Sure, you’ll have someone to report to, but for most of the day, you’ll be on your own following your own schedule. If you’ve ever considered a job in trucking, you may be curious as to what the average day is like for a long haul trucker. While schedules can vary from person to person, there are some inconsistencies.

Know The Limits 

Every year truckers drive an average of 100,000 to 110,000 miles. With these high milage rates, it’s been critical that regulations are put in place to keep drivers safe. Driving a big rig is hard work that takes a lot of concentration, as such drivers can only be allowed to drive 11 total hours per every 24 hour period. Additionally, if a driver intends to take a break mid-day, they can not have a day longer than 14 hours. For example, if you started your day at 7 am and took a few hour breaks, you must finish driving by 9 pm. 

Start The Day Right 

As a driver, you’ll be putting in long hours on the road, getting a good footing is critical to ensuring your day goes well. While the day-to-day process will be different, you should always aim to start your day early to beat traffic and get in some exercise and healthy breakfast. The very next thing you will do is do an inspection of your truck and check your messages and logs to see what your day will be like. If you’re in the middle of a long haul, you might check your route, weather conditions, and if there are any interesting stops along the way that might make for a good breakpoint. If you are just starting or finishing a route, your morning may include pick up or drop off. 

Mid Day 

Assuming you’re mid-route taking a break during the day is just as crucial for you as it is for anyone else. Taking the time to stop and get a good (hopefully healthy) meal, some more exercise, and to check your vehicle is critical for both you and the truck. Letting yourself have a break to rest your eyes and mind will help you stay sharp, awake, and focused for the rest of your day. You will likely want to take several short breaks throughout the day to rest and check your truck, but at least one should be a bit longer to allow for more time up and about. 


The beauty of trucking is that, as long as you meet your schedules, you’ll usually have some flexibility in the flow of your day. If you’re a night owl, for instance, you may find that starting later in the day and driving into the night will make more sense for you. Regardless of what your day is like, the most crucial part is that when you stop for the day, you give yourself a good and restful nights sleep. It’s important to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your time not to violate those hourly rules, and always be sure that where you stop for the night is a legal and safe place to park.


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