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Some Common Challenges on the Road

Here are some challenges to highlight so that you can watch out for them on the road.

Trucking isn’t the easiest profession. Although you get a lot of perks, like being able to travel and have the freedom from a boring nine to five desk job, trucking can come with a couple difficulties as well. Whether you are new to trucking and wondering what challenges to expect, or you’ve had years of experience and are probably familiar with some of these, here are some challenges to highlight so that you can watch out for them on the road.


A lot of times people forget that actually driving a freightliner is only half of the job. Often when you arrive at a shipper or receiver, they have rules that force you to leave right after you’ve done your business. But parking can be very limited, which can present a few issues if you find yourself needing to stop for any reason. Depending on the company you work for, and state laws, you might not be able to park on an off-ramp either. The best thing to do is to know ahead of time where your truck stops are so that you can plan and schedule for much-needed breaks. Timing is especially important, since many truck stops start to fill up in the evenings and it can get harder to find an open spot.


Depending on who you are working for, sometimes the deliver process can be unnecessarily frustrating. You might run into shippers and receivers who aren’t open for pickups until a certain time, and your schedule can get backed up if one delivery doesn’t go as planned. Unlike delivery cars, you can’t easily zip to and fro or change your plans on a dime without warning. Many truckers are paid by the mile, so it can be incredibly annoying to waste time waiting around when you could be moving out. Communication is important for making successful pickups and deliveries. Know who to talk to right away if a problem crops up so that it doesn’t snowball into a big headache down the road.

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