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Sprinter Van Transmission Signs You Need a New One

If you’re noticing transmission issues with your Sprinter van, make sure that you get it into the repair shop pronto. Here are some signs to look for.

Usually this page focuses on larger rigs, but semi-trucks aren’t the only tool in the delivery garage. The Sprinter van is a common sight in most cities since it is the most popular choice for local delivery and as a work van. Whether you have one van or a whole fleet for your business, maintenance is key to keeping them running well. One of the main maintenance tasks is monitoring and repairing the transmission as issues arise. If you’re noticing any of these signs of transmission issues with your Sprinter van, make sure that you get it into the repair shop pronto.

Fluid Leak

If you see signs of a fluid leak under your car, it may mean that there is an issues. If the fluid is red, that indicates that it is coming from the transmission. There can occasionally be reasons for there to be fluid without a problem, but if it is transmission fluid that indicates and issue that needs immediate attention.

Trouble Shifting

If you notice any problems when you try to shift gears in your Sprinter van, it is a sign of a transmission issue. Likewise, if you hear terrible grinding or squealing sounds when shifting, it is a sure sign of some sort of issues. Take all of these signs seriously and hopefully you will catch issues while they are still small.


A working transmission is both silent and smooth when shifting gears, so if you’re noting any vibration or shaking, it is time to schedule a check-up. 


Transmission fluid that is too dirty, too old, or too low can all cause overheating, as an other issues with a transmission. The main noticeable sign of this will usually be a burning smell coming from the van. If you ever notice such a smell, make an appointment to get your van checked out. 

Humming When In Neutral

If your Sprinter van is in neutral and you can hear a humming sound, that is a clear sign of transmission trouble. I well-maintained and well-functioning transmission will not make that sound when it is out of gear. 

Check Engine Light

Finally, any time that the check engine light comes on, it is important to get the vehicle in for service. There are several things that can trigger that light, and problems with the transmission is on the list. 

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