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Look Out for 5 Potential Causes of Truck Steering Issues

All truck drivers know how critical steering is in their semi-truck. Read on to learn more about what a faulty steering system can look like.

All truck drivers know how critical steering is in helping them maneuver their semi-truck safely. A faulty steering system can make it hard to control your truck and cause an accident. Baltimore Freightliner is here to keep these five potential truck steering issues on your radar. 

A Defective Steering Box

The steering box in a truck translates the driver’s input from the steering wheel into the wheels’ movements. A deficient steering box can cause many issues, such as: 

  • Losing steering control
  • Wandering
  • A hard time turning

Wear and tear is the most common cause of a faulty steering box. Over time, the steering box’s components can break down and cause the steering to become loose. This looseness can also happen because of driving on rough roads and hitting potholes. 

Power Fluid Steering Leaks

If you have a system leak, you’ll likely see fluid on the ground where you parked your truck. A power steering pump makes steering more effortless. The pump pressurizes fluid and sends it to the steering gear of the semi-truck. 

We recommend looking for dampness or fluid on the power steering pump, hoses, and fittings to check for leaks. If you see leaks, it’s best to tighten the fittings or replace the hoses. You might also have to add fluid to the system if it’s low. 

Rack and Pinion Problems

One of the most common truck steering issues involves the rack and pinion. This type of steering assembly in a truck enables your wheels to rotate from side to side as you turn your steering wheel. Since the rack and pinion are such significant components, they cause many problems when things go wrong

If you notice that your steering is stiff out of nowhere or the steering vibrates excessively, bring the truck to us immediately. These are signs that the rack and pinion need a replacement

Deficient Ball Joints

Truck ball joints play a significant role in the suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride as the pivot point between the control arms and steering knuckles. 

Over time, they experience wear and tear, causing vibration and looseness in the steering. You might even notice a clunking sound when going over bumps. Bad ball joints can lead to breakage and cause the tire to come off the vehicle while driving if you do not check on this. 

Damaged Suspension Bushings

Every semi-truck has suspension bushings that connect the vehicle’s frame to the suspension components. Over time, the bushings become damaged and cause truck steering issues. 

If you sense that your truck’s suspension bushings are damaged, have us inspect them as soon as possible. Worn suspension bushings can cause poor tire alignment and uneven tires. 

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