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Your Next Freightliner Truck: New or Used?

freightliner truck

A used freightliner truck is less expensive than a new freightliner truck. However, you may have to pay more in maintenance fees and downtime.

If you’re looking to buy another freightliner truck to add to your fleet, you’re probably trying to decide on whether you should buy new or used. Both options have their own unique advantages that are worth considering in your decision making process. Here are a few things to think about that will hopefully aid you in your quest.

New Freightliner Truck

The biggest advantage of buying a new freightliner truck is that you will have low maintenance, which translates to less downtime. The saved maintenance costs may even make up for the higher price tag. Plus, newer trucks have the latest technology that can help save gas, avoid accidents, and even clean the environment! You also want to consider how often you will be using your truck. If your truck will be used on a daily or weekly basis, then it’s probably best to buy new. If you are only going to use your truck for one season, then have it parked in a garage for the rest of the year, it’s best to buy used.

Used Freightliner Truck

Buying used has the definite advantage of saving a lot of money upfront. It’s a good rule of thumb not to buy a truck that has more than 600,000 miles or so unless you are prepared to pay for maintenance costs. When buying used, it’s important to buy a truck that was built for what you will be using it for. Your best bet for buying the right used truck for you is to talk to people who service those trucks for a living. Or you can ask your Baltimore Freightliner salesperson which truck is best suited for your price range and the work you will be doing. These are the people who work with these trucks and have an intimate knowledge of them, and they’ll be sure to help you with useful information.

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