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Safety Steps for Truck Mirrors

Here are some important steps to take when it comes to your truck mirrors.

In addition to their size, one of the most significant differences that people first notice between a semi truck and a car is the mirrors. Trucks should have several mirrors on either side, each one crucial to safe driving. Knowing how your mirrors work is key to helping you be aware of your surroundings. Here are some important steps to take when it comes to your truck mirrors.

Choosing Mirrors

As you know, not all trucks are exactly the same. Different types of freight trucks will vary in size enough to require mirrors specifically fit for them. Make sure that you do your research and get the correct type of mirrors for your truck. Otherwise, making the wrong choice might leave room for dangerous blind spots on the road.


Since your mirrors are the only way to see what is behind you, it’s highly important to take good care of them. Truck mirrors can crack or break and get old over time. Make sure that you stay on top of repairs. You can find that many mechanics and even some truck stops can take care of fixing your truck’s mirrors. But even just cleaning them regularly can go a long way to improving your visibility. And you can buy mirror solutions that you can wipe on to help reduce fogging.


Truck mirrors now come with a few good features to help a mirror’s performance. For example, you can find mirrors with built-in heaters to help defrost them in cold weather and combat fogging. Also, you can add angle sensors to your mirror that light up or give a warning sound to help you back up or let you know when you are cutting it close on a narrow road.

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