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Tips for Preventing Eye Strain

Many professions can cause us to strain our eyes, whether you’re sitting at a computer all day or something we’re much more familiar with: trucking. Eye strain is a serious risk for truckers particularly at night, when the bright lights of headlights, billboards, and signs can provide a heavy contrast that ends up hurting your eyes. Our eyes tend to veer towards anything bright when it’s dark outside, which leaves drivers with migraines and can even cause their eyesight to deteriorate. If you’re worried about eye strain as a trucker, take these tips to heart and do your best to protect yourself.

Keep Lights on the Low

If you’ve got any unnecessary lights that can be either turned off or just dimmed in your cab, do so. You may need to poke around your owner’s manual to figure out how this is done, but any additional lighting is going to strain your eyes. Keep the overhead lights off while you’re actually driving.

Moving Your Eyeline

When on the road for long hours, it’s easy to find yourself staring at one spot, simply trying to stay focused enough to keep yourself on the road. It’s a good safety practice to keep your eyes moving so you’re aware of your surroundings, but it’s also important when trying to combat eye strain. You don’t want to end up looking at one spot for too long.

Take Regular Breaks

We’ve all heard the advice of taking breaks regularly before as it’s something that is stressed to drivers all the time. It’s important in so many ways, but it’s certainly true that it can help prevent eye strain. Pulling off to freshen up and rest your eyes for even five minutes can be a huge benefit, even if you have deadlines to keep.

Check Your Equipment

Always make sure your windshield wipers are performing how they should be. Keeping your windshield clean isn’t just a matter of safe driving; if you let dirt and debris build-up, it makes it harder for you to see, which is a safety issue but also makes you strain to see more often.

Caring For Your Eyes

If you already have issues with your vision, this is especially important to you. An anti-reflective coating on glasses can help prevent glare that further damages your eyes. This ultimately reduces the straining effects of bright lights.

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