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How to Prevent a Truck Fire

Some of the most common ways that truck fires start come from preventable human error.

Dealing with a fire is something everyone wants to avoid — particularly truck drivers. When you’re towing a load of potentially flammable, expensive, and even hazardous material, the last thing you want is an easily avoidable fire. Some of the most common ways that truck fires start come from preventable human error. Keeping your equipment in good condition, not smoking, and following maintenance routines will help keep you on a safer track.

Ditch the Cigarettes 

One of the best ways to prevent truck fires is to eliminate their most common origin, cigarettes. Ashes and butts from cigarettes, as well as careless handling, can all lead to accidents resulting in fires. If you’re transporting hazardous material, this can be even more dangerous. The best option for your health and your truck’s safety is to stop smoking at all, but if not – always make sure to only smoke in designated areas. 

Keep Tires And Breaks In Good Shape 

Because of the dragging and friction that occurs when breaks and tires are in use, ensuring that both are in good shape is of the utmost importance. Breaks should be checked regularly and changed according to schedule. Tires must be kept at appropriate pressure levels. Checking both on a regular schedule is critical for both fire prevention and general safety. 

Inspect Parts Regularly 

Last but not least, faulty wiring is a serious issue that can quickly result in a fire. As your truck gets more use, the wires become dirty and can suffer from buildup that leads to wear. Ensuring that all wires are cleaned and inspected frequently will help reduce any threat of fire. 

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