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De-Bunking Common Myths About Truck Drivers

De-Bunking Common Myths About Truck Drivers

It’s not super easy to be a truck driver. They work hard like everyone else.

It’s not super easy to be a truck driver.  They work hard like everyone else.  There are still a lot of rumors around that really just aren’t true.  Here, we de-bunk a few of them.

Myth: Most People Don’t Care about Truck Drivers.

Truth: Most people actually do realize the value of truck drivers.  They recognize that without truckers, we wouldn’t have anything to buy, drive, or even eat. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to be a Full-time truck driver and a lot of people know that.

Myth: All Truckers are Male.

Truth: Over 200,000 long haul truck drivers are women. To be a good truck driver, you need to be confident and able-bodied.  Women are just as capable as men.

Myth: Anyone Can be a Truck Driver.

Truth: In a way, this is actually true.  Anyone with the proper training can go to school and obtain the proper license.  But you have to actually pass the test first.  To be a good truck driver, you need to work hard, uphold the law, and be committed to doing a good job.

Myth: Truckers Never Shower.

Truth: There are many truck stops that have showers that truck drivers can use.  They’re frequently right on highways, so all a truck driver needs to do is pull over, shower, and then get right back on the road.

Myth: They’re Irresponsible Drivers.

Truth: Truck drivers are highly trained to deal with any situation a road can throw at them.  They take their safety and the safety of others very seriously. Their jobs, and their lives, depend on it.

Myth: Truckers Cause Lots of Accidents.

Truth: Truckers are 3 times less likely to have an accident than normal vehicles. And the majority of accidents that do occur are due to drivers driving in blind spots and abruptly braking in front of them.

Myth: Truck Drivers Are Poor.

A truck driver makes a pretty good living, often exceeding $50,000 a year. Even states like Mississippi, which have much lower wages than national averages, lead the nation in trucker compensation.

Myth: Truckers are Un-Cultured

Truth: Since truck drivers travel all over the country, they actually get to see more than people in most other professions.  They also get to meet all kinds of different people, from all different walks of life.

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