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What to Do When You Notice Truck Brake Issues

Learn what you should do when you notice truck brake issues.

It’s vital to take proper action if you notice truck brake issues. Semi-trucks weigh anywhere between 35,000 to 80,000 pounds, meaning that it takes a lot of momentum to get a truck to stop. A damaged braking system is not only a danger to you but everyone surrounding you on the road. Here are truck brake issues you should keep on your radar and what to do when you notice them. 

Signs of Truck Brake Issues 

  • Uneven Brakes: Since brake shoes come in pairs, they are supposed to wear evenly. However, they can become imbalanced in some cases, making one side weaker than the other, leading to brake issues. Pay attention to squeaking or scraping noises, or your semi-truck will become less responsive to braking. 
  • Improper Loading and Maintenance: When you load a rig improperly, it can cause brake issues due to uneven distribution. Your brakes can end up overheating and malfunctioning. It’s also essential to ensure that all semi-truck parts are consistently maintained. 
  • Overbraking: Overbraking happens when a driver doesn’t maintain the proper distance from other drivers or is speeding. The rule of thumb for being a safe driver is constantly keeping the correct following distance and never driving too fast. You don’t want to wear out or overheat the brake drums by stopping excessively or unnecessarily. 
  • Brake Lockage: Signs of the brake shoe becoming stuck on a truck include acceleration issues. If the vehicle seems repressed, the brake shoe is struggling to release itself after being engaged. 
  • Damaged Air System: If a truck’s airline is punctured, cracked, or broken, air will no longer pressurize properly. As a result, this can lead to ineffective braking. 

What to Do If Brake Failure Happens 

It’s terrifying when a truck driver is unable to stop their semi-truck. Here are some ways that you can offset this issue: 

  • Downshift
  • Use the emergency brake to come to a halt.
  • Pump your brakes if they are hydraulic
  • Find an escape route.
  • Use an escape ramp

However, the best thing to do is be proactive about regular semi-truck maintenance. It’s always best to be proactive rather than reactive. 

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