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Why Proper Tire Inflation Is So Important

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Why proper tire inflation is so important.

Proper tire upkeep is essential for any car, but especially for trucks. With large trucks, any product that keeps air inside tires is a benefit, allowing the tires to stay on the road longer. There are a variety of tire pressure systems that are used to monitor air pressure in tractors and trailers. The advantage of these tire pressure systems is how reliable they are. To ensure longer tire life is what all truckers desire.

The Problem With Over-Inflation

Over-inflated tires are usually much harder than properly inflated ones. This leads to tread surface cutting, punctures, or impact brakes. Not to mention, over-inflation has the ability to alter tires’ footprints, affecting myriad of other processes such as tire traction leading to irregular wear patterns.

We All Get Flat Sometimes

Unfortunately, flats are simple part of life. There is only so much that we can do to protect our tires from losing all their air. When tires are lower to the ground, they tend to come in contact with the road more, causing the shoulders of the tires to become worn out very quickly. Under-inflated tires tend to roll more and can lead to more rolling resistance costing you a pretty penny at the gas pump because more fuel is used up.


Low tire pressure can cause erratic driving, leading to more accidents. Most tire failures occur due to low tire pressure. Properly inflated tires cause less overheating and burn-out because the tire casing life is extended when tires are checked regularly. When tires are not properly inflated they tend to require drivers to break sooner, and affect the steering and handling of the vehicle itself.


From the increase on fuel to the costs in repairs from tread life, it’s clear to see how improperly inflating your tires can cost you a hefty price just in parts. When inflated properly, tires can preserve casings leading to the ability to increase retreads.

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