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How to Help Avoid a Truck Accident

Find out how to avoid a truck accident.

Modern driving on the highway is arguably one of the more dangerous everyday activities of the average person. This isn’t because the highway is especially dangerous, except that we travel at high speeds with a lot of distractions. And even though trucks drive America’s businesses, sharing the road with these humongous vehicles can make driving more dangerous – especially when people don’t drive safely around them. Making our major roadways safe for everyone starts with everyone taking responsibility for the way they drive. Read on for some tips to help drive more safely around big trucks on the road.

Leave Enough Space to Avoid a Truck Accident

The most important thing about driving safely on the road with big trucks is to leave enough space. People assume incorrectly that trucks can stop as quickly as smaller cars and they just can’t. Big trucks have a lot of weight and a lot of momentum and it takes more time and more distance for them to come to a stop when they hit their brakes. Similarly, when a truck is changing lanes or making a turn, it needs more space to make these maneuvers and what looks like an empty space that you could drive in is often the space the truck driver needs to complete the move. Leaving enough distance around trucks on all sides keeps everyone safe on the road.

Avoid A Truck’s Blind Spots

Every vehicle has blind spots – areas around it that the mirrors don’t cover –  but the blind spots on a semi-truck are larger than on a smaller car. If you’ve ever driven behind a truck, you’ve probably noticed the “no zone” sign which outlines where the blind spots are on either side and directly behind the truck: The area behind the truck extending back about 200 feet is one blind spot, on the right side of the truck extending from essentially the passenger side door of the cab, back to the end of the trailer is another, and on the left-hand side of the truck extending from the driver side of the cab down a few feet of the trailer is the third. Another blind spot on a truck is actually directly in front of it, depending on the size of the car. Very small cars that zip directly in front of a truck often can’t be seen over the cab.

Pay Attention To Weather Concerns

Whenever you head out on the road, you should always pay attention to the weather. Snow, sleet, and rain can all make driving conditions hazardous, making it hard to see the road and making it take longer to stop. These weather conditions that make it hard for your small car to stop make it even harder for a big truck to stop. While you may be able to get out of a slide or come to a stop fairly quickly, a big truck with a lot of momentum is going to slide a lot more.

Ditch The Distractions

Similar to paying attention to the weather, you also need to be paying attention to the road to avoid a truck accident. Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous things that you can do, even more dangerous when you’re sharing the road with big trucks. These trucks have good braking systems, but they still need much more stopping time and distance. If you’re driving distractedly and cause an accident with a big truck (even if the truck driver is paying attention), you and you’re vehicle will receive the brunt of the collision.

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