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Signs That New Brake Pads are Needed

Here are signs that you need to replace your brake pads.

Being able to stop your truck is of vital importance, which should go without saying. In order to ensure you can stop your truck in time, you’ll need working brake pads, but eventually, these pads will need to get replaced. It’s important to know when these pads should be replaced because you never want to be caught driving around with dysfunctional ones. Here are signs that you need to replace your brake pads.

You See Wear and Tear

If you perform a visual inspection for your truck, and you see that your brake pads are worn down, it’s time for you to get new ones. You’ll be able to notice them if you check between the spokes in your tires. Ideally, these pads will have a quarter-inch’s worth of thickness. If the thickness is less than that, getting new pads is a good idea.

You Hear Screeching Noises

Have you pressed on the brakes while on the road, only to hear a screeching sound as you bring your truck to a stop? If you have, don’t panic. This doesn’t mean your brakes will stop working immediately. Regardless, you’ll still need to get your brakes inspected. The screeching sound you hear comes from a tiny metal component that is built directly into your brake pads. When you hear the screeching sound, it means the metal component in your brake pads is telling you to get your brakes inspected.

Your Truck Doesn’t Slow Down as Quickly

It’s important to be able to stop your truck as quickly as possible. If you’ve noticed that it takes longer for your truck to come to a stop, it’s a sign that you might need to replace your brake pads. Your truck’s braking system could have a leak in it. Alternatively, if you press on the brakes over a great distance without stopping, the rotors and brake pads will come in contact with each other for extended periods, which produces heat from friction. The ability to create this friction decreases as time goes on.

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