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Frequently Asked Questions About the Trucking Lifestyle

Are you considering becoming a truck driver? If so, you’re in luck. The profession can be extremely lucrative, and demand for truck drivers is unlikely to decrease in coming years. But you probably have quite a few questions about the trucking lifestyle. After all, truck drivers seem to lead such different lives from those in traditional 9-to-5 jobs. Today, we’d like to answer a few frequently asked questions about the trucking lifestyle.

Today, we’d like to answer a few frequently asked questions about the trucking lifestyle.

Can Truck Drivers Have Passengers?

That depends. There are no legal restrictions in the United States preventing truck drivers from having passengers on their route, but your particular employer might not allow it. If you’re unsure, just ask.

There are plenty of great reasons to have passengers as a truck driver. It can help you cope with loneliness and help the hours to fly by. If your employer allows it, give it a try.

Can Truck Drivers Carry Firearms?

Truck driving can be a dangerous profession, and there are times when having a weapon for self-defense would be welcome. In the right circumstances, truck drivers may be allowed to carry firearms.

If both your employer and state’s laws allow it, then you’re in the clear. But things are less clear when crossing state lines. Legislation is constantly shifting, but there is currently a push to allow truck drivers to carry concealed firearms regardless of the state they’re in, so long as they have proper documentation.

Where Do Truck Drivers Sleep?

One of the most commonly asked questions about the trucking lifestyle is where truck drivers sleep. The answer is that they sleep in their trucks. But this isn’t as bad as it sounds, thanks to the inclusion of a sleeper cab in commercial vehicles.

Behind the driver’s seat of your truck, you will find notice a compartment that will serve as your ‘bedroom’ when they’re on their route. Some truck drivers elect to sleep in hotels on occasion, but you’d be surprised how comfy you can get in your sleeper cab once you’re used to it.

Can Truck Drivers Be Home Every Night?

Maybe. But you would have to be a local driver, not a cross-country one. Most trucking companies require you to have 6 months to a year of long-haul trucking experience before they’d hire you as a local truck driver. But it never hurts to ask if local driving is a possibility right from the start.

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