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Tips For Managing Your Fuel Usage

As a truck driver, the cost of gas can really start to add up. Here are some tips for managing your fuel usage!

As a truck driver, you spend most of your time on the road traveling from place to place. That means that you are using a lot of gas and the cost of that can really add up, especially if you are independent and using your own truck. You want to preserve as much fuel as you can when you’re out on the road to reduce the stops you must make and the money you have to spend. Here are some tips for managing your fuel usage.

Don’t Overfill Your Tank

You may think that topping off your tank will help to maximize the amount of fuel that you will have in your truck, but it can actually cause more damage. You don’t want to overfill your tank because when fuel heats up, it can expand and overflow. This ends up wasting your fuel and can even be harmful to other drivers on the road. It also adds extra weight to your truck, which slows it down.

Regulate Your Speed

You want to maintain a pretty consistent speed while on the road. For truck drivers, this should be easy because you’re almost always on the highway where they are no traffic lights. Of course, if there’s traffic, then it’s out of your hands. However, when you can control your speed, keep it consistent. Accelerating burns your fuel faster and the faster you accelerate, the more fuel you burn.

Keep Your Tires Inflated

It may be surprising to find out that tires have an impact on fuel usage. Every time your tire pressure drops, your gas mileage is lowered as well. Keeping them properly inflated not only improves your fuel efficiency, but It also just increases the lifespan of your tires as well.

Avoid Idling

Many truck drivers leave their trucks idling while they go take a bathroom break or make a quick pit stop for food. They could also be doing this to keep the truck warm during the cold weather. However, you do not want to leave your truck idling for more than five minutes. If you are leaving your truck for a while, it’s best to turn it off in order to help decrease the fuel usage.

Go Easy On The Brakes

More fuel is required to get your truck back to speed after you make a complete stop. You should always come to a full stop at stop signs and traffic lights but there are techniques to use that can help fuel usage. When you are going up a hill, you can build up your momentum so that when going back down, you don’t have to press the gas. When approaching a stop sign, start slowing down way before you actually approach it so that by the time you get to it, you are pretty much stopped already.

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