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Maximize The Longevity Of Your Truck

truck longevity

Creating a long lasting truck is ideal.

We put a lot into our trucks in hopes they’ll stand the test of time and work reliably for years. No one in the industry wants to have to worry about or spend the money on, getting a brand new truck every year. There are some surefire ways to boost the longevity of your truck so it can work optimally for years and years. Read on for some things that will help you extend the life of your truck.

A Well Made Truck With A Strong Rear Frame

The fact of the matter is, a truck takes a beating every day. If it’s not made very strong or durable, it won’t hold up. On any given day, it is possible for an airfreight company’s truck to back into more than 20 or so loading docks. That is a lot of wear on a truck. In order to ensure that your truck can take it, the rear frame must be strong and expertly built.

Take Care Of Your Truck Doors

Truck doors take one of the biggest beatings of any part of a truck. When heavy cargo is transported from one destination to the next, slight mistakes in loading can mean trouble for your car doors. If heavy cargo shifts repeatedly over a long journey, it can do extreme damage to your truck’s doors. Unfortunately, even the slightest amount of damage can stop your doors from closing all the way. There are numerous materials you can use to bolster the strength of the doors, such as coatings, fasteners, and rollers.

Improve Your Floors Durability

Whether you haul bricks or loaves of bread, your truck floor takes a beating every day. Your truck floor supports loads, footsteps, forklifts, and more every day. By adding thicker floors or steel surfaces to the floor you bolster it and ensure it can stand up to everyday challenges.


Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star for All of Your Trucking Needs

Whether you are looking to upgrade your fleet to tow trucks or simply interested in the latest trucking technology, you can rely on Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star. We have provided top-notch service for the trucking industry for 30 years and would love to assist you in buying a new top-of-the-line truck, finding the specialty parts you need, or repairing your truck. Give us a call toll-free at 800-832-7278 or locally at 410-685-4474, or contact us online. To find out more about what we are up to, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star is an award-winning, authorized dealer for new and used medium-duty and heavy-duty Freightliner and Western Star trucks and Sprinter Vans. We also provide expert service repair for Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Caterpillar, and Mercedes-Benz engines.
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