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The Benefits of Using a CB Radio

CB Radio

CB radios are still extremely useful in the trucking industry.

CB Radio, or Citizen’s band radio, peaked in popularity in the late 1970’s. Though it does not have the same presence today that it did then, it is still around, and it is still useful in certain instances. It offers numerous benefits to truckers. To learn more about CB Radio and all that it can offer you and your fleet, read on.  

Contrary To Popular Belief, CB Radio Is Not Going Out Of Style

It’s not uncommon for people to think that the popularity of CB Radio is entirely over. This is just because the market is flooded with license free FRS/GMRS two way radios, like Family Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service Walkie Talkies. People buy these for a wide range of purposes including ATV-ing, RV-ing, boating, snowmobiling, and for their kids as toys to play with. However, if you try to use one of these radios from within a car you will not get incredibly far, as these types of radios do not allow for external antennas. CB radios are the best option for cars, have far better reach, and can reach people miles away. These other radio types only work outside, and with people who are within your line of site,

CB Radios In The Industry

The vast majority of large trucks have a CB Radio that they use for safety reasons, such as to warn each other about hazardous road conditions. They ask locals for directions and help, and can communicate emergencies and other mechanical problems effectively. The lessened use of CB Radio by the general public is actually beneficial to truckers. Back in the 1970’s, too many people were transmitting on too few airwaves, and the overcrowding made having a normal conversation almost impossible.

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