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What Causes Truck Accidents?

Trucking can be a lucrative career, but it is also by nature a dangerous profession. Driving a vehicle is arguably the most dangerous activity that a majority of Americans carry out on a regular basis, and truck drivers do so professionally. Further complicating matters is the fact that semi-trucks are more dangerous to drive than ordinary passenger vehicles. One of the best ways to avoid getting into a truck accident is to know what causes them. For that reason, we’ve laid out three of the biggest causes of truck accidents.

In order to avoid getting in truck accidents ourselves, we have to know what causes them.

Distracted Driving

It’s no secret that, in this day and age, people are more distracted than ever. Never before has so much information been accessible from a device in our pockets. Nor have we been so accessible to our friends and loved ones from afar.

Smartphones have undeniable benefits, but they have drawbacks, too. One of these is distracted driving. Statistically, distracted driving has been correlated with a staggering percentage of truck accidents. Thankfully, it is completely avoidable.

Here are some tips to prevent you from being distracted by your phone from behind the wheel:

  • Put your phone on silent mode when driving
  • Don’t reach for your phone to skip songs
  • If you must, put your phone in your glove box

Of course, there are more distractions than just your cell phone. But taking some steps to reduce your phone’s pull over you is a great step to take.


Drunk driving leads to 28% of deaths from car accidents nationwide.  Unsurprisingly, intoxication from alcohol and other drugs is also one of the most common causes of truck accidents.

Like with our previous example, accidents due to intoxication are completely avoidable. 100% of them could be prevented if we all followed one rule: don’t get behind the wheel when under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances. It’s really that simple. Remember that if you do so, you aren’t just endangering yourself, but others as well.


If you’re considering trucking as a career choice, you ought to know just how tiring it can be. Anyone who has tried it before would tell you. And it’s not just because it’s hard work. No—truck driving is tiring because the truck driver’s lifestyle affords little opportunity for a good night’s sleep.

If you’re underslept, your odds of ending up in a car accident of any sort increase dramatically. If you get enough sleep you will be alert enough to handle the perils of our nation’s highways. Here are just a few of our tips for getting a good night’s sleep on the road:

  • Use eye masks to block out light
  • Buy earplugs so sounds don’t wake you up
  • As much as possible, stick to your sleeping schedule at home

The more sleep you can get, the safer you and others on the road will be.

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