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Reasons It’s Important to Maintain Your Truck’s Brake System

There are many reasons you need to take proper care of your truck’s brake system.

When you’re in the trucking industry, there are many components of your truck that help make the vehicle what it is. Each piece plays a vital role in ensuring that your truck operates as it should. One of these pieces is your truck’s brake system. The brakes are a pivotal safety component for your truck, and as such, you need to care for them properly. There are many reasons you need to take proper care of your truck’s brake system.

Brakes Get Worn Down Over Time

When brakes get used frequently enough, they will start to get worn down. You can also accelerate the pace at which your brakes get worn when you slam on them suddenly. When this happens, your truck will have worse fuel efficiency. By checking on your brake system regularly, you’ll be able to notice when it’s getting worn down. When you notice damage to your brakes, you can make repairs to keep your vehicle safe and your fuel efficiency up.

Your Brake System Might Need More Brake Fluid

After you’ve traveled a certain number of miles, you’ll be due to have your brake fluids replaced. This will normally need to be done after roughly 12,000 miles. When you don’t replace your brake fluid, it results in too much moisture being absorbed by the brake fluid. This moisture collects within your brake system, and eventually, your brake fluid’s boiling point will become lower. This causes overheating, and the fluid will boil. At this point, your brakes will not work properly.

You Might Need New Brake Pads

Brake pads tend to need checking at around the same time as your brake fluids. With a lifespan of around 25,000 miles, you’ll want to check your brake pads at about the 12,000-mile point, just to be sure they’re still in good condition.

Brake pads normally press against your brake disc, which is what helps your truck come to a stop. Without functional brake pads, you’ll struggle to stop your vehicle, which is a serious danger. That’s why checking on your brake pads at regular intervals is so crucial.

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