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How To Keep Your Diesel Engine Warm

Diesel engines take a longer time to warm up so use these items to make the process faster!

Even though the warmer season is approaching, we still have some cold weather left. Diesel engines are tougher to start in the cold because of thicker oil and the cold causing the internal parts to resist movement. Diesel engines require a much higher temperature to fire the fuel which is why they are so much harder to start in cold weather than regular engines that take gasoline. Here are some things you can use to keep your diesel engine warm.

Glow Plugs & Block Heaters

These plugs attach to your diesel engine and heat the internal combustion chamber. This warmth keeps cold fuel from entering the chamber and sticking to both the chamber walls and the plugs. This could cause potential damage to the plugs and the engine itself. Block heaters can be used for the same purpose as glow plugs and a lot of trucks already come equipped with one to keep the engine block warm overnight.

Battery Warmers

Your battery can lose a lot of power in cold weather and be the reason that your engine isn’t starting. There are a few ways you can help to keep your battery warm even when your diesel engine isn’t running. They sell battery warmers that use a hot engine coolant that sits underneath the battery and heats it up. You can also purchase a thermostat that can sense the battery temperature and release a coolant as needed to keep the battery warm but protect It from overheating. There is also an automatic starter that you can purchase. It will automatically run your diesel engine when it senses that the battery is getting too cold.

Fuel Additives

They sell additives that are specifically designed to keep your diesel engine from gelling. They not only keep it from gelling but can also clean out excess deposits from the combustion chambers and fuel injectors. They sell a variety of additives that are designed for different types of trucks and have different functions. Fuel additives are the type that you need when trying to prevent too much cold air from entering your diesel engine.

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