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How to Combat Highway Hypnosis

Commercial truck driving is a grueling job, and one that is absolutely vital to our nation’s economy. There’s no doubt about it: our country would practically fall apart without our truck drivers. As if that wasn’t enough reason for us to admire truck drivers, don’t forget how dangerous their profession can be. Of the many hazards a truck driver faces, highway hypnosis is one of them. Driving long hours through countless miles of seemingly identical highway is bound to make any person feel sleepy. Here are some tips to help you combat highway hypnosis.

Driving long hours through countless miles of highway is bound to tire out anyone. Here are some tips to help you combat highway hypnosis.

Use Caffeine—Smartly!

Although we caution against relying too much on caffeine, there’s no doubt that it can be a useful tool to avoid highway hypnosis. First, a word of caution: if you rely too much on caffeine, there are two major side-effects you might face. The first of these is that over time you could become dependent on it. The other is that, once you come down from its effects, you might feel more tired than you did before. You have to use caffeine smartly. If you only have a few more miles to go on your route, a cup of coffee or some caffeine pills could help you stay alert.

Listen to Something Entertaining

Have you ever given thought to how good entertainment could help increase your safety on the road? Listening to music can go a long way toward helping you stay alert and preventing fatigue. Some people might say you should listen to lively music, but the truth is that whatever music you most enjoy is the best for keeping you awake. And don’t forget: there are many other options in this day and age besides music. Consider downloading some podcasts, which may have more interesting programming than the radio. There’s the option of comedy specials as well.

Sleep Well

This one’s easier said than done, but there’s no better way to prevent highway hypnosis than by making sure you are well-rested. Studies have shown that truck drivers who get fewer hours of sleep are far more likely to end up in accidents than those who get eight hours. Getting eight hours of sleep with a truck driver’s lifestyle can be exceptionally difficult, but here are a few pointers. Whenever possible, try to sleep during the hours that you usually do when you are not on the road. Consider using extra measures like earplugs and eye masks to reduce the threat of unwanted light or noise disrupting your slumber.

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