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Diesel Fuel vs. Regular Fuel: What’s The Difference?

Diesel fuel goes directly into the fuel cylinder, while regular fuel is first activated by a spark plug.

When we go to the gas station to fill up our tanks, our options range from regular to premium. However, it’s hard to miss the diesel pump that sits off to the side by itself. How bad could it really be to use the diesel fuel for your standard vehicle? Here are the differences between diesel fuel and regular fuel.


Diesel fuel is used for larger freight trucks. This is because it is more dense than regular gas, made up of a hydrocarbon mixture that results from distilling crude oil. Diesel fuel has a higher boiling point than water does so it has a very low evaporation point, while regular gas evaporates at room temperature. Regular fuel is flammable, meaning it requires a spark in order to act as fuel while diesel fuel is combustible, requiring compression and heat to work.

Power Levels

Diesel fuel works so much better for larger vehicles because it generates a lot more power than regular fuel does, also making it more efficient. In addition, diesel fuel also has a higher energy density. Regular fuel has Ethanol in it which is used to make it more efficient. Diesel fuel is very efficient for truck use and heavy machinery but actually is a lot less effective in regular vehicles. Diesel fuel also doesn’t perform as well as regular fuel in cold weather.


Diesel fuel and regular fuel function a lot differently within their engines. Diesel engines use direct fuel injection which means that the fuel is put directly into the cylinder. The cylinder is designed to withstand large amounts of pressure and heat. Many diesel engines have a glow plug that helps the fuel to be more efficient in cold weather conditions. Regular engines require a lot less pressure and heat because there is a spark plug inside of it that creates the spark required for the fuel to work.

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