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Semi-Truck Models: When Do You Make the Switch

A semi-truck typically needs a replacement after 750,000 miles.

Semi-trucks are a reliable and worthy investment for any fleet manager. However, a truck’s age becomes apparent over time, and all vehicle owners should be fully aware of this. A vehicle’s age affects ownership costs, life cycle expenses, and calculations. The longer you keep an older semi-truck, the pricier maintenance fees and repairs become. 


Operating costs can take a toll on any business, which makes business owners assume that purchasing a replacement semi-truck is far too expensive. However, repeated maintenance costs and fees add up as well. Before you give up on your big rig, look at semi-truck models and signs that you should switch to a new one. 

Replace Semi-Truck Models That Have Experienced Brake Failure 

Brake failure is a safety hazard that impacts everyone on the road. Imagine being a driver trying to maneuver a vehicle that does not stop during the expected time or at all. It’s a scary thought but not exactly uncommon. 


The Law Offices of Mathys and Schneid reported in 2019 that 30% of commercial truck crashes happen because of brake failure. Brake malfunctions come in forms such as: 

  • The truck has misaligned brake shoes that usually materialize when the pair does not wear out evenly or equally. This imbalance creates thinning and stress over the lining, resulting in excessive friction from the scraping and nearly unresponsive braking.
  • An inadequate compressor comes from the air compressor not receiving sufficient air that the brakes need. 
  • Damaged airlines stem from a compromised air compressor; the damage could be the airlines breaking, cracking, or becoming punctured.
  • Locked brakes when the brake shoe doesn’t release itself, making the semi-truck sluggish 

Improperly Managed Tires 

Tires and brakes go hand in hand in importance. Brakes make a vehicle stop, while tires make the vehicle move. Truck accidents can occur, and it’s time for new semi-truck models when you notice: 

  • Low tread: it makes a tire more susceptible to road damages such as punctures
  • Underinflation: excessive heat growth in the tire’s firewall causes this
  • Misaligned axles: happens when a tire experiences a lot of wear and tear 

A Faulty Electrical System

It’s time for a new model when a semi-truck has faulty alternators, starter motors, and batteries. A big rig cannot function when there are electrical issues. If a fleet manager doesn’t deal with them, these issues tend to repeat, resulting in: 

  • Battery systems corroding, 
  • Lights flickering or dimming
  • Dead batteries
  • Potent odors
  • A distinct clicking sound when a driver attempts to start the engine

After 750,000 Miles 

A semi-truck typically needs a replacement after 750,000 miles. Some trucks can make it to 1 million miles. However, it’s safe to say that after 15 years, you should start observing the performance of your semi-truck models. 

Constant Breakdowns

Repeated overall failures are an indication that a vehicle is no more good. If a truck becomes an excessive financial and mental burden, you owe yourself and your team a better truck. 


If you’re unsure if some of your semi-truck models are salvageable, you can trust Baltimore Freightliner for service. Also, our knowledgeable sales team can guide and show you a wide inventory of affordable vehicles whenever you’re in the market for a new truck. 

Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star for all Your Trucking Needs!

Whether you are looking to upgrade your fleet to tow trucks or simply interested in the latest trucking technology, you can rely on Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star. We have provided top-notch service for the trucking industry for 30 years and would love to assist you in buying a new top-of-the-line truck, finding the specialty parts you need, or repairing your truck. Give us a call toll-free at 800-832-7278 or locally at 410-685-4474, or contact us online. To find out more about what we are up to, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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