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Tire Maintenance Tips for Truckers

tire maintenance

Better maintained tires afford for better fuel economy and fewer accidents.

Tire replacement can be an expensive ordeal. As a trucker it’s imperative to make sure your tires are well maintained. Better maintained tires can also mean a better fuel economy and a reduced chance of roadside emergencies and downtime.


Properly Inflate Tires

Making sure your tires are properly inflated is essential to ride quality, fuel economy and tread life. An underinflated tire will develop wear, run hotter and fail prematurely. An overinflated tire will reduce traction and is susceptible to damage from road hazards. You can use an inflation monitoring system to keep a close eye on tire pressure.

Keep Your Wheels Clean

Keeping your tires clean isn’t just about appearances. It’s also an essential part of tire maintenance. Snow, ice, slush, and other debris can deteriorate the rubber on your tires. Salt and other chemicals on the road during the winter months will eat away at your wheels. Wash your tires regularly with warm, soapy water and make sure to wash the interior of the tires in addition to the exterior. Avoid cleaning with petroleum based chemicals as they can potentially harm the tire rubber.

Keep Air Clean & Dry

Good tire maintenance is not just about proper inflation, but the air quality inside your tires. Tires need clean, dry air to run efficiently. When water gets inside the tire the moisture can break down the inner lining of the tire.

Practice Good Driving Habits

An experienced driver that practices good driving habits can make his/her tires last so much longer. Aggressive driving, speeding, and harsh breaking can significantly impact tread wear and fuel economy.

Proper Wheel Alignment

Practicing good tire maintenance means proper wheel alignment. Good wheel alignment is critical to prevent handling, ride issues, and irregular wear on the tires. Keep a maintenance file that includes a record of your vehicle’s alignment settings when you visit an alignment technician.

Get Your Tires Serviced at Baltimore Freightliner

Make sure your tires are in working order by visiting Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star. You can call toll-free at 800-832-7278 or locally at 410-685-4474 or email us your questions and concerns . Does your truck need repair, maintenance, or service? Contact our service manager, Jessica Levine.

Since 1986, Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star has provided top quality service for the trucking industry. Whether you need to purchase specialized truck parts from our expansive inventory, grow your fleet with our selection of top-tier trucks, or have your company’s trucks serviced or repaired, Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star is the best choice in trucking. Become one of our many satisfied customers today!


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