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Why Your Truck Heater Doesn’t Work

Keep reading as we walk you through some of the most prevalent truck heater problems.

Is your truck heater not functioning? The first step to repairing your heating system is identifying what’s wrong. This article explains why your heater’s not working, so keep reading as we walk you through some of the most prevalent truck heater problems.

Not Enough Coolant

If your truck heater doesn’t have enough coolant, your heating system cannot deliver it to the heater core. In fact, your heating system is actually your cooling system because it uses the same coolant. But it heats it instead of cooling it down. It’s normal for cold air to blow out of your vents for the first several minutes after you turn on the heater, but it should warm up fast. If that does not happen, your coolant level may be low. So, you can fix this by filling up your engine coolant. Remember to watch the coolant levels every time you open the hood. Trucks that go through a lot of coolant quickly may indicate a leak, resulting in an overheating engine and more expensive repairs.

A Stuck or Malfunctioning Thermostat & Heater Valve

A malfunctioning or stuck thermostat is unable to control the coolant flow through the radiator. This signifies the coolant will keep circulating through the radiator and remain cold. In addition, you may tell your thermostat is not working if it is stuck in the same place, regardless of what you do or how long the engine has been running. In fact, thermostats are cheap, and you may install a new one without much effort.

Furthermore, the valves in your heater core open to release warm air into the vehicle. Unfortunately, the warm air does not reach the truck’s cabin if the valves are closed. Sometimes, these valves get stuck in the closed position, and this can be a simple fix.

Malfunctioning or Aging Controls

Your problematic truck heater may be the result of broken controls. After pressing the same buttons over and over, they can fail. If you can’t find anything else, this may be a solution. Moreover, consider your heater core as a small radiator in your dashboard. The heater core sends the heat through your truck’s vents as the coolant runs through the passageways.

These passageways are tiny, so when you don’t replace your coolant, it can retain debris that causes those passages to clog or rust. A blocked passage prevents any warm coolant from passing through. Fortunately, you can clear out your heater core passages by flushing them, but if that doesn’t function, you will need to replace your heater core altogether.

Leaky Truck Parts

The coolant travels through multiple parts of your engine. A leak from any of those parts can prevent your heating system from working correctly, so look for a leak in your hoses and water pump. If your radiator begins leaking, your coolant levels will lower. This is why you must always pay attention to a radiator leak. A mechanic can fix the radiator if the damage is not bad. You may also repair a leak with a new radiator installation.

Deteriorating Coolant Hoses

As your truck ages, the coolant hoses wear out, which may lead to loose clamps or clogs. If you struggle to locate a coolant leak, these hoses must be one of the places you inspect. In addition, you must always replace old coolant hoses and other hoses when you discover any leaks or wear.

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