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Signs You Need to Replace Your Truck Radiator

Here’s how to tell that you need a new truck radiator.

In the summertime, when you’re out on the road, your truck will need to keep itself cool so that the engine doesn’t overheat. This is where the truck radiator comes into play. A functional radiator will help to regulate your truck’s temperature by taking heat and redirecting it away from your engine. Sadly, your truck’s radiator won’t last forever, and there will come a time when replacing it is needed. Here’s how to tell that you need a new truck radiator.

You See Leaking

Do you see liquid gathering beneath your truck? If so, pay attention to the type of fluid that’s being leaked. If the liquid is black, it’s probably oil.  For green or orange liquids, it’s likely coolant. Either way, you’ll want to get your truck inspected by a professional mechanic because you could need to get your truck radiator replaced to address the problem.

Your Truck is Overheating

The truck radiator is responsible for regulating the temperature of your truck, preventing it from overheating. This means that, if your truck does end up overheating, it’s likely because your radiator isn’t performing its job. If you see the temperature gauge of your truck start climbing, or you see steam escaping from the hood, you need to find a safe place to pull over, and then get your truck towed. You could very well have truck radiator failure.

You Hear Strange Sounds

Your truck engine should operate fairly silently, so if you start hearing anything unusual, it’s usually a sign that something’s wrong with your truck. One of the reasons for strange sounds is when coolant leaks out of the radiator and lands on other parts of your truck engine. After the coolant vaporizes, an adhesive residue is left behind. This residue can cause parts of your truck to rub against each other. You’ll hear screeching sounds as a result.

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