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Signs a New Coolant System Is Needed for Your Commercial Truck

One of the most crucial components “inside” a commercial truck is its coolant system.

Heavy-duty trucks are the workhorses, so to speak, of the transportation industry—and certainly in possession of the horsepower for justifying such designation. They’re used for everything from hauling goods to construction work. What, a, range! But, despite their impressive durability, they’re not immune to occasional problems. One of the most crucial components “inside” a commercial truck is its coolant system, which helps to keep the engine running at the proper temperature. It’s therefore critically important to be ever-watchful for signs that could indicate this system not functioning optimally.

Read along below for help on honing this handy trucking skill.

Signs Your Coolant System Needs Repair

The most obvious indicator that your heavy-duty truck may need coolant system repair is if it’s overheating. This is, incidentally, one of the most urgent symptoms, and cannot for (the machine and its driver’s) safety’s sake go unaddressed.

The most common culprits for overheating of this sort are leaks in the coolant system itself (i.e., “unobservable” physical damage/wear-and-tear) or, alternately, a problem with the water pump. If your rig’s getting too hot, it’s absolutely essential to get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the engine.

Another tell-tale sign that your coolant system needs repair is if you notice/suspect a coolant leak. These can occur for a variety of reasons—say, a cracked hose or a problem with the radiator. Coolant leaks can lead to serious problems if left unaddressed, including overheating and (eventually) severe engine damage.

Fortunately, many modern heavy-duty trucks have warning indicators on their dashboard that help drivers identify when they need coolant system service. These lights may include a “low coolant level” warning light, or otherwise a general temperature warning display of some sort. If you notice any uh-oh lights on your dashboard, get that truck checked out by a professional as soon as possible.

Why Regular Maintenance Is Key

For your consideration: Preventative medicine is the best medicine, even for our non-biological cohorts and contemporaries. Being aware of the signs that your truck may need coolant system service or repair—e.g., the aforementioned: overheating, coolant leaks, warning lights on the dashboard…—could wind up saving hassle, money—even lives. Conversely, ignoring (or being ignorant of) these signs can lead to serious problems and costly repairs. As a rule—a tenet, even—regular maintenance is the key to keeping your heavy-duty truck in good condition. Have your ride checked out by a professional as soon as you notice any of these signs, but also take it in for “check-ups” per the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure your truck is always running at full-speed—not literally, please!—and to preempt (or prevent further) damage to its engine.

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