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North American Sales Boost Daimler’s 3rd Quarter

Piling on to the latest round of good news out of the trucking industry, Daimler Trucks, the parent of Freightliner and Western Star trucks, is reporting stellar sales figures for their third quarter. Where did the bulk of these sales come from? According to Daimler, from their North American vehicle sales, which have been showing promising increase since the end of the recession. Read on to find out more about what these sales increases mean for fleet owners everywhere, and how you can participate in this exciting time for trucking!

3rd Quarter Sales Daimler Trucks North America Shows Impressive Sales Figures

 For their Freightliner and Western Star sales in North America, Daimler reported an incredible 25 percent increase- that’s over 40,000 units!- during their third quarter. In the United States alone, the percentage of increase was 28 percent compared to past quarters. What can we attribute this rise in demand for quality trucks to? For one thing, as businesses nationwide start to recover from recession losses, they are once again able to expand, and that means expanding their fleet of trucks as well. Another contributing factor has been the overall improvement of truck design motivating fleet owners to seek out these innovative new models. With better fuel efficiency, safety features, and aesthetic appeal, it is no wonder that the new trucks from Freightliner and Western Star are drawing so many buyers.

The positive sales figures from Daimler are indicative of more than just a short-term success for the trucking industry. They show us that economic growth on the whole is to be expected in the coming months, and that is good news for everyone.

 Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star

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