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Hazards That Truck Drivers Need to Avoid This Fall

While the autumnal landscape displays a rich tapestry of warm colors, it also conceals, in a manner of speaking, a veritable cornucopia of potential hazards.

As the fall season begins to unfold, truck drivers must brace themselves for a unique set of challenges on the road. While the autumnal landscape displays a rich tapestry of warm colors, it also conceals, in a manner of speaking, a veritable cornucopia of potential hazards.

From slippery leaves to the influx of wildlife activity, read along below for a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the hazards that accompany this transitional time.

The Leafy Menace: Slippery Terrain

Fall’s picturesque foliage can be captivating, but it also leaves a trail of potential hazards, notably fallen leaves. Depending on your location, roads may become outright carpeted with debris, making it, in a word, essential to exercise utmost caution. Dry leaves can significantly reduce traction between your truck’s tires and the road, requiring you to adopt a more “prudent” approach. And to add insult to injust, piles of leaves can obscure other hidden dangers— potholes, road bumps, glass shards. Always approach leaf piles with extra vigilance, and consider reporting notably large accumulations to local authorities for cleanup.

Wet Leaves: An Invisible Threat

Autumn brings increased rainfall, exacerbating the leaf predicament. Wet leaves, while seemingly innocuous, can render roads treacherously slippery while (as noted) obscuring potential on-road hazards. To navigate this challenge most safely, make it a habit/rule to maintain a consistently low(er) speed when traveling wooded areas immediately after a rain shower; this will minimize your risk of hydroplaning.

Farm Equipment: Road Companions

Fall is synonymous with harvest season, which means that, well, you’re likely to share the road with more farming and harvesting equipment than usual. These vehicles, crucial for transporting crops and machinery, are legally permitted on public roads. As a truck driver, you must once again exercise the utmost vigilance (and patience!) when encountering slow-moving farming equipment. -Maintain a safe following distance—and only pass these vehicles when it’s absolutely safe to do so.

Wildlife Activity: Stay Alert

The fall season brings with it something of a surge in animal activity, especially during nighttime hours. Migratory animals are on the move, while others are in the midst of their often-complex mating rituals… Your journey may intersect with the bustling activities of squirrels—ever-so-diligently burying acorns, that is—or indeed lead to encounters with larger creatures like deer, boars, the occasional moose.

In rural areas, do maintain a particularly heightened awareness. It’s key to have an eye out for wildlife crossing signs and reduce your speed in areas known for animal presence. Ensure your headlights are in pristine condition before embarking on nighttime drives, and, of course, drive at speeds that allow your headlights to illuminate the road effectively. In the event of a deer sighting, resist the intuitive urge to swerve; instead, maintain steady control of your truck while gradually applying the brakes. Your safety must always be the top priority.

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