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For Class 8 Engines, OEMs See Higher Sales

Though industry leader Cummins continues its reign as the top seller for Class 8 engines, that could soon change with an influx of activity from the original equipment manufacturers. OEMs have had more and more success recently selling their own engines to accompany Class 8 trucks, giving them an edge over market leaders like Cummins. Read on to find out more about this latest trucking industry news!

Class 8 engines Daimler Trucks North America Tops List of OEM Success Stories

 According to an article in Transport Topics, 182,000 out of 295,000 engines in heavy-duty vehicles were both built and installed by the OEM that made the truck itself in 2014. That makes for an over 60 percent majority of Class 8 engines! Of these engines, 27.5 percent of them were built and installed by Daimler Trucks North America, an increase over DTNA’s 25.9 percentage share in the previous year.

Though it stayed in the top spot for majority of engine installations at 38.4 percent, manufacturer Cummins did see a slight decline in favor of OEMs.

Freightliner Trucks, as many other top-tier truck brands, did rely on Cummins for a good number of its engine installations in 2014, totaling about 25.7 percent. But because this constitutes a nearly 5 percent drop from the percentage used in 2012, it is evident that Freightliner is taking advantage of OEM engines like so many other brands in the industry.

As trends continue to shift in the trucking industry, only time will tell how many companies will come to rely solely on OEM Class 8 engines in the future.

 Baltimore Freightliner-Western Star

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