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City Driving Tips for Truckers

City Trucking

Driving through a city is difficult and requires more awareness.

Truck drivers are in a constant state of rushing to get products delivered from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. This kind of pressure means that truck drivers must always be extra careful when they’re on the road, especially when driving through a city. A city provides unique driving challenges to big trucks. The roads are smaller, traffic is heavier, and drivers and pedestrians are in close quarters with each other. A trucker has to be fully alert to make it through a big city while also keeping his time. If you are a new truck driver, here are some helpful tips from the seasoned experts.

Plan Ahead

Check your route for traffic before you enter the city to make sure that you’re going the fastest way. Most GPS devices will do this for you, but it yours doesn’t, make sure to listen to the traffic report. Better yet, get a trucker’s GPS. A trucker’s GPS is designed specifically for truckers and will give you detailed information like when to switch into lanes and how much distance you have until your exit. You also want to check the weather report before you leave for your destination. If it’s supposed to rain or snow, the traffic conditions could be affected. Knowing what to expect will make driving easier. You also want to make sure that you’re equipped with a raincoat or snow boots, just in case you need to be outside of your truck for an extended period of time.

Slow Down

It may be frustrating when traffic in the city is already holding you up, but you want to make sure that you are not getting angry and that you are driving appropriately. Big trucks require precise handling, and this handling gets even more precise in small, crowded places like cities. Be extra careful with your turns and keep in mind how long it takes your truck to brake. Remember that speed signs on ramps are for cars, not big trucks, so adjust accordingly, even if it means you’re holding up traffic. No matter how far behind you may be running, it’s better to take it slow and arrive alive!

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